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Our commitment to compliance with GDPR

10th May 2018

The way in which the recruitment industry processes data is set to be transformed come 25th May 2018, as new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force.

GDPR has been introduced by the European Union in order to tackle issues surrounding data protection and ensure that regulations across EU member states are streamlined. The regulations will apply to all businesses and organisations operating within the EU, as well as those outside of the EU that work with client data from within EU countries.

These regulations are set to impact all industries. However, it is recruiters that will truly feel the brunt of GDPR as one of the main aspects of their industry relies on gathering and sharing the data of candidates with potential employers.

There has been a very long build up to the introduction of GDPR, which has left ample time for businesses across the globe to review, amend and prepare their data processes to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Here at People Solutions Group, our commitment to compliance is a priority across all of our brands and therefore we wanted to let you know how we have been preparing for GDPR:

Analysis of current procedures

In the early stages of our preparation, we undertook a thorough audit of our current data processing procedures. This included how we gained consent for the use of data, where the data was stored, what records we kept, how long the data was stored, our cyber security measures, and much more.

Amending procedures

Aspects of our current procedures that fell short of compliance with GDPR were amended across all brands. Going forward, we will be carrying out regular audits on our data procedures to guarantee that each department within each brand is running compliantly.

Cyber security

With a significant rise in data breaches over the past few years, GDPR aims to tackle lax cyber security procedures that can potentially lead to data breaches. We have made sure that our cyber security procedures are efficient as well as effective to significantly reduce our risk to cyber attacks.

Training our staff

The proper data processing procedures cannot be implemented without thorough understanding from our staff. Therefore, we have invested in internal training across all brands to ensure each member of our team are knowledgeable of what GDPR is, what our procedures are for compliance and finally, what to do if they suspect a breach.

If you would like more information on how People Solutions Group is protecting the data that we hold, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.