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How has the recruitment industry developed during the 21st century?

2nd July 2018

People Solutions Group has enjoyed a rich history within the recruitment industry and therefore we have witnessed countless changes with regards to how candidates are sourced and ultimately how agencies run.

Looking back to the 90’s, a time in which the world wide web was in its early stages, most tactics used by recruiters to source candidates came in the form of newspaper listings or a pinned advertisement on a jobs board.

Now just twenty years later, advancements made within the 21st century have revolutionised the way in which recruiters operate, with advances in technology opening a world of opportunity for recruiters to make their services more efficient, cost effective and ultimately more successful.

Take a look below as we explore the four key changes to the recruitment industry over the past 18 years.

Social media

Arguably one of the most significant developments of the 21st century across countless industries, the introduction of social media has opened up many avenues for recruiters and candidates alike. With the introduction of LinkedIn in 2003, recruiters were able to remotely source candidates based on their experience and skills, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter following shortly behind as a way to attract emerging talent to a role or business.


The rise in the use of social media within recruitment also brought with it a more personalised way of recruiting. Companies and candidates can get to know each other in much more detail than was previously possible. Candidates these days are able to connect with companies and current employees, gain insight into company culture and ultimately decide as to whether or not this is the company for them. On the other side of the coin, recruiters are able to research a candidate with regards to their experience and skills to gain further insight into the likelihood that they are the right person for a role.

The rise of candidate power

Previously recruiters and employers had held a significant amount of power in the recruiting arena, it was a candidate’s responsibility to sell themselves as the right person for the job. These days, it is often the case that a company will need to sell their company and the benefits that come with a role in order to attract the top talent.


The use of artificial intelligence is quickly gaining prominence within the recruitment world. Recruiters are able to efficiently source the ideal candidates for a role, based on their experience and skills, using algorithms and talent mapping. This not only speeds up the recruitment process and makes it more likely the right person is found for the role, but also allows for a more cost-effective recruitment service.

Recruiters that are part of the People Solutions Group brand are continually embracing change to ensure they provide the most effective service at all times. Take a look through  today and choose your ideal recruitment partner.