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Building an enviable company culture: five tips from the PSG team

16th May 2018

The company culture within People Solutions Group is something that we are extremely proud of. Our staff members are an integral part of everything we do, and in ensuring that they are happy in all aspects of their working life we have built a productive, efficient and successful business. Our enviable reputation amongst the business community means that we are regularly approached by fellow organisations for tips on how we build our positive company culture.

Take a look below at our top five tips that we encourage businesses to implement to ensure a happy and productive workforce.

Encourage communication with your team

No matter if your business is a start-up or an established one, instilling a culture of positive communication between team members at all levels can make a significant difference in retention rates. An effective workforce will acknowledge that if they have any issues, any comments or any requests, they can confidently approach and have discussions towards an outcome that everyone is happy with. From our experience, a workforce that is reluctant to voice opinions will not only have a lower rate of staff retention but will also have significantly lower productivity levels.

Regularly sit down with team members

Diarising regular meetings with individual staff members can greatly improve job satisfaction. These meetings, be it formal or informal, provide an effective platform for staff to discuss their role and responsibilities. This in turn allows for a confidential and frank discussion on any underlying issues, how these issues can find resolution, avenues for job progression as well as praising a member of staff for aspects of their work that has gone well.

Make it fun

Planning social events with team members is an aspect that businesses either excel at or fall flat. From our experience, social events really make a difference to company culture, as it allows for staff members to get to know each other outside of the working environment. From celebrating successes, birthday meals, team building activities to family fun days, our team has developed long lasting friendships, which ultimately impacts positively on our business.

Offer rewards and incentives

Not only do we endeavour to ensure our staff’s working life is positive, but we also focus on making a positive impact to their personal lives through rewards and incentives. When choosing what incentives to offer, every company is different and therefore will have their own idea of which rewards or incentives staff members will be benefit from. Here at People Solutions Group we offer our staff a variety of benefits including: a health care plan, child care vouchers, cycle to work scheme and much more.

Work with charities

Carrying out charitable work can act as a fantastic platform for team building. Many businesses nominate a charity of the year and over a twelve-month period take part in numerous fundraising events. Not only do these fundraising activities bring the team together for a good cause, but in supporting charities you also raise your business’ profile both within the local community and nationally.

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