Why Autumn is the best time for job hunting

Autumn is officially here!

It’s time to hang up your summer hat and dig out those chunky knits! For some, Autumn is a time to start grabbing the pumpkin spice lattes or picking out your favourite spooky costume for Halloween and roasting marshmallows on the bonfire. For others, it’s a time to get comfy on the sofa with your favourite blanket and hiding away from the dark nights. However you feel about Autumn, one thing is for sure – this season of change is a perfect time for you to pursue a new opportunity!

Every year we see increased job ads and candidate applications at this time of year and we should know! It’s the busiest time of year for us recruiters. So if you are looking for a new challenge, read on to find out why your timing couldn’t be more perfect to seek out that opportunity! 

1. The recruitment industry picks up 

During the summer months, decision-makers tend to be on leave, so important decisions can be left on hold. However Autumn brings a return to focus for many 
and a need to prepare for the busy Christmas season. This means opportunities start to pop up with more pace again from September. 

2. Holiday season is over 

Summer time often has the highest rate of annual leave and key decision makers being out of the office can really slow down the recruitment process. But with the
change of season comes the end of the holiday season and decisions can be made much faster than in the previous months. 

3. Get settled in before Christmas 

Christmas can be a super busy time for many and there might be little time to think about your job hunting. So getting that new role secured and settling in 
before the Christmas period means you are free to concentrate on enjoying the festive period. 

4. More jobs available 

Without a doubt, Autumn is when the job market really picks up in terms of job ads. A lot of businesses are preparing for their peak trading time and along with this comes their peak hiring time too. This means you will have more choice at this time of year than any other and with demand higher than normal, opportunities might be more attractive than at other times in the year. 

5. A new outlook 

This time of year – people tend to be more focused and clear on what they want. After having time to rest and relax over the summer we often find job seekers more determined than in other months. The same can be said for employers, they return from summer break with a new outlook on what they want and determination to find it.     

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