Proving Recruitment isn't a Necessary Evil

We know recruitment has a bad rep. People see it as a necessary evil; it’s seen as just another business function.

Now we may be biased, but we actually think recruitment is pretty exciting. Here’s why.

New ideas and fresh perspectives

When people have been on the inside of a business for so long, it’s easy for things to become stale. Things are done a certain way simply because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Even brainstorms for new approaches are ingrained with existing frameworks and habits. New people bring a fresh pair of eyes to an organisation and it’s amazing how quickly they can spot opportunities to innovate what you do and how you do it.

New skills

It seems obvious but we’re always surprised by how often this aspect is overlooked. Recruitment is about bringing a new skill set to your business. Maybe they can do something better than your existing people, or maybe they can bring something completely new to the table. With the right internal culture, these new skills can be passed on to your existing team, dramatically increase both your capacity and capabilities as a business. Being able to do something you couldn’t do before? That’s pretty exciting.

Culture progression

Every company evolves and changes over time and goes through good times and bad. While long-serving staff are an important aspect of consistency, they can also carry a lot of baggage. If your company is saturated with long-serving staff then internal relationships can become strained and negativity can set in, and this can impact productivity massively. A new hire is a blank canvas for you to engage with your brand. They can refresh your team and help reset relationships between your existing team members. Rather than looking backwards, they are only focused on the future of your business.


It’s simple, but there’s no better way to communicate to your team that the business is on the right track than hiring new people. New arrivals can motivate your staff by showing them that your business is healthy, robust and moving forwards.

More than just hiring

When we talk about recruitment we’re not just talking about bringing someone in. We’re also talking about retaining and developing what you’ve got. It costs employers 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves, so retaining and developing your existing staff should be a key part of your recruitment programme. You don’t want your people getting left behind. You need to keep their skills up-to-date and razor-sharp, whilst creating clear progression paths that help keep people motivated and performing at their best.

It can be pain-free

The main thing that makes people shudder at the word recruitment is recruitment agencies themselves. It’s OK; we don’t take it personally, because you’re not really talking about us. Too often the agency feels like a whirlwind of jargon, high-pressure sales tactics and empty promises. A bad experience is one thing but the results can be even worse; a stack of random CVs containing unsuitable, ill-informed and underprepared candidates. That’s why we’re on a mission to change all this.

We’re demonstrating through action that recruitment is more than pushing candidates. It’s the single most exciting and important part of growing a business. No negative stereotypes or shortcuts. We’re a family run business packed full of passionate people who love what we do and are dedicated to doing what’s right for the long term and creating better outcomes for each other, our candidates and our clients.

If you’re excited by what better recruitment can do for you and your business then get in touch with us today.

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