How to tap into the Millennial Market

Appealing to Millennials

We think it’s fair to say that Millennials can be quite misunderstood. While it’s true that younger people often stay in roles for shorter periods of time than that of older generations, that doesn’t mean that they ‘don’t care’ or are ‘lazy’ as many people think.

It’s actually more the case that there are so many options now than there used to be, with the rise of digital and technology companies meaning that millennials are looking for different things to retain and motivate them.

Understanding what’s right for both our clients and candidates is important to us. A happy candidate in the right environment and culture can have a massive impact on your business so here’s some insight on the best ways to appeal to millennials.

They care about culture

Fitting in at work has always been important and culture now plays a big part in helping people decide if a role is right for them. After all, we all want to play for the winning team. The most important part of any culture is how the people that make up the business act and present themselves.

The values of a company are more important than ever before. Millennials want to work with likeminded people who share a sense of purpose. The Japanese call it Ikigai – we call it a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity to show the more human side of your business to millennials while reinforcing engagement with your current teams.

They care about development

Looking towards the next step is an essential part of any career. By understanding that Millennials desire the opportunity to develop their workplace skills and progress, we can communicate with them more successfully.

Having a clear employee development plan that is understood internally as well as externally can also help to retain hard-working staff that have a positive impact on your business.

They care about mentoring

Working with people that have been there and done it is an excellent way for more junior employees to learn quickly. Mentorships programmes are a great way to attract and inspire younger people as it gives them the chance to ask questions and learn in a safe environment with someone they can trust.

We treat our client’s business as if it’s our own, and that means understanding what’s right for them to get the best talent. 

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