Cost of Retention

The real cost of a bad hire


Often our clients want a large team of temp workers which means some leg work on our behalf to get an even more substantial amount of people through the top of our application funnel process. This process may seem like a significant investment of time and money, but sometimes our clients underestimate the real cost of a bad hire or worse, no hires at all! We use our tried and tested application funnel to grow pools of candidates for clients to ensure businesses acquire and retain the best staff.

What if a company makes a bad hire?

Taking shortcuts could mean a company hires someone that doesn’t fit culturally because their expectations of the team values are different from the realities. Or, perhaps the hire doesn’t have the skills necessary to do the job after all. Something has gone awry somewhere along the way. It’s terrifying to consider the companies wasted time and effort involved in writing and placing job adverts, screening candidates, arranging and conducting interviews and checking references.

Aside from the fact that the time and money invested in the recruitment process will go down the drain, the company also has to consider the impact that the unhappy new employee could have on the rest of the team. An unmotivated, incompetent or dysfunctional employee can have a real negative effect on the productivity and motivation of an entire team or company, and this is something that could be hard to come back from.

The solution

We have been working for many years recruiting, and our methods of candidate attraction and retention are steadfast. We start by acquiring targeted people in at the top of the funnel using various channels including;

  • Posting adverts on job boards
  • Posting role content on multiple nationality social media channels
  • Referrals through nudge texts
  • Open days and job fairs
  • Leafletting and flyering shops and colleges

As we move through the application funnel, we invite people to register and interview. At each point, we will inevitably see a drop-off of candidates which is why we have to drive more significant numbers at the start of the process. However, when we get to the bottom of the funnel, we know we have squeezed out the right people who are ready to drive businesses forward.

The cost of a bad hire can be higher than many people first imagine, that’s why at People Solutions we work closely with our clients and candidates to get the right fit for everyone.

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