Candidate attraction – Are you asking the right questions

Building pools of reliable temp workers that businesses can tap into when they need to is a great asset.

There’s a lot of legwork involved in finding those people, but how about we flip that idea and get them to come to us? Candidate attraction can be a valuable strategy that saves you both time and money, but how do we keep it efficient?

Who are we looking for?

Having a good idea about who we are looking for is just as important as what. When we speak with our clients about the new role, we gather information on the functional aspects as well as the type of person that would fit within the current team dynamic.

We will look at the current workforce plan and ask; does the company need a leader or a good team player? Are we looking for people who are assertive or laid back? No doubt a candidate search will find lots of people who are willing and available, but are they right for the team? Asking the right questions is critical to finding the right people.

Where are we looking?

Now we’ve thought about who we are looking for; it’s time to consider what channels are we using to communicate. While some industries find LinkedIn to be a treasure trove for candidates, for others, it’s a useless echo chamber. Some job seekers use Indeed over Monster, but whoever you’re looking for make sure you know where they hang out online or look for jobs.

At People Solutions, we try to think outside of the usual social channels and sometimes look to our existing unique networks for help. Sometimes we find the best people aren’t searching for jobs at all, and it becomes more of a headhunting exercise.

What are we communicating?

Candidate attraction is a two-way process. Its integral for employers to communicate honestly about the role requirements and what type of organisation the candidate will be joining. Having a more realistic communication of the role will allow a more targeted self-selection of candidates.

At People Solutions, we work best when we delve into the goals and objectives of our clients. Having access to this information will help us find the best people for the job while remaining efficient with our time and budgets.

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