Bringing "Better Recruitment for a Stronger Business" to Life

Our brand is more than just how we look – it represents our entire culture.

There are lots of companies that talk about their brand; their vision, their mission and their values. For many companies, these often end up as just words on a wall or something they stick at the start of presentations. They don’t mean anything to staff and they definitely don’t mean anything to customers.

That’s not the case at People Solutions…

Our brand values aren’t just words - they're the ethos we ask our people to embody here at People Solutions. They sum up what we’re about and outline the attitudes and behaviours we believe lead to better recruitment for a stronger business. We run innovative onboarding programmes that bring our brand to life, creating a culture that delivers the ultimate experience for our clients and candidates. This allows our people to not just simply remember our brand but to live and breathe these values in everything they do.

When it came to launching our new brand after a huge rebranding project in 2019/2020, it wasn’t all about shouting about it externally. We held a huge internal launch event that communicated the new brand to over 150 staff.

From trying to solve cryptic clues about what clothes mannequins needed for an adventure, to protecting colleagues from nerf gunfire, to trying to peel oranges while wearing boxing gloves. Teams competed against each other in various crazy challenges themed around our brand values, helping them have fun while also developing knowledge of our new brand.

Days like this are vital in making sure that we’re a recruitment partner that doesn’t just deliver results to our partners, but good experiences as well. Through building a team that is filled with dedication, passion and expertise, we can achieve our mission to prove that recruitment isn’t a “necessary evil”. We’re demonstrating through action that recruitment is more than pushing candidates. It’s the single most exciting and important part of growing a business. We’re doing what’s right for the long term and creating better outcomes for our people and our clients.


Whether your focus is attraction and engagement or retention and development, let our family help you take care of yours. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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