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Tackling Modern Slavery

31st October 2017

In recent years modern slavery has sadly become a serious issue. Many stories covered by the media have highlighted the scale and severity of the problem and it is clear that businesses must take action to ensure they are working to reduce exploitation and tackle the problem.

According to statistics from the National Crime Agency the number people reported as victims of slavery and human trafficking has increased dramatically more than doubling in the last three years. *

The introduction back in 2015 of the Modern Slavery Act places a legal obligation on businesses with a turnover of above £36 million to publish a modern slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year. The statement should address the steps taken to prevent slavery or human trafficking from taking place anywhere within the supply chain.

At People Solutions Group we take our commitment to helping prevent slavery, human trafficking and any forms of worker exploitation extremely seriously.

In addition to meeting our legal obligations by producing our modern slavery statement we have also opted to become Stronger Together Partners. Stronger Together is a multi-stakeholder initiative which aims to reduce modern slavery including hidden forced labour, labour trafficking and third-party exploitation of workers.

As a large independent recruitment agency, with a number of brands within our group, we recognise that we are in position to make a real difference so working with a partner such as Stronger Together is an important part of what we do. It demonstrates our commitment to act ethically and with integrity.

We have also taken practical steps such as implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains.

Sarah Edwards our Director of Compliance and Business Support has taken on the additional responsibility of being our Stronger Together Advocate. All new staff receive training as part of their induction and refresher training takes place every six months. We operate a zero-tolerance policy and are committed to supporting our staff to recognise and take action to report potential signs of slavery and human trafficking and to encourage whistle blowers to report their concerns via.

 *Source BBC news